The Benefits You Get as the Canadian Authors Association Members

The Canadian Authors Association is one of the oldest organizations in Canada. This organization focuses on every writers’ and authors’ welfare through its various programs, workshops, and activities. As a member of this organization, you will get tons of benefits and you can make use of those benefits to increase your writing and networking skills.

The Canadian Authors Association Membership Types
Before you get to know the benefits of the members of this organization, you need to understand the three different membership types you can choose. The first membership type is for students. This membership type is offered for every student with at least 18 years old who want to excel their writing skills. The second membership type is regular membership. This category is dedicated to those who are not students or professional writers or authors. The last membership type is for book author, technical writers, freelance writers, or other professional writers or authors who receive payments for their works. Those three membership types have quite similar benefits, except the professional one.

Overall Benefits of the CAA Members
Although the professional members have more benefits than the students and regular members, the benefits that you will get as a member are mostly the same. Here are some benefits that you will get right away.
• Discounts
The first benefit that you will get as a member is discounts on Book Selling University. The discounts are also applicable if you want to participate in certain workshops, publications, conferences, and webinars.
• Free Access
Not only discounts, but you will also receive free access to various programs held by this organization. All members of the CAA are allowed to participate in the regular branch meeting and any circle of the CAA branch. For professional members, you are allowed to access the Roving Writers Touring Programs.
• Networks
The greatest benefits as a member of this organization are the opportunity to expand your network. You will have a great opportunity to meet other writers and authors, and you will also have a chance to promote your works through various reading and book promotions. You will also be more recognizable as you can have your own public profile on the CAA Member Directory.

The Benefits You Get as the Canadian Authors Association Members

Although the situs judi bola offers three different membership types, all of them mostly have similar benefits. But, if you are a professional writer or author, you need to register as a professional member to get more benefits, especially to help you promote your works.

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