Many Ways to Support is the biggest and oldest author organization in Canada which gives the best program to develop the writer skill and capability. One of the things that you should consider is that the organization cannot exist if there is none who give their time and money willingly. Then, support the

  • Be A Volunteer
    Volunteer is the heart of All of activities or programs are done successfully because of the help of volunteer. They are generous people who commit to give their time and ideas on either small or big tasks. Volunteering is the tremendous way to meet new person, learn something new and obtain new experiences. does not demand or have a set of difficult tasks. No matter the spare time you have, this organization will accept you. If you only have seven hours in a month, this organization accept you willingly.
Besides the time, if you do not have capability in writing world but you are an social media expert, you can help this organization to arrange it. You do not need to go to the national office in Toronto. Just vcontact the branch or twigs office and ask for the volunteer program

  • Donation
    If you do not have much time to be a volunteer, do not be sad. You can donate your money for developing the program in this organization. does not set the minimum and maximum amount of money. Besides visiting the national, branch and twig office, this organization has three ways of donating, donating online, Donating by phone, and donating by mail. Keep in mind that you willl be charge a tax receipts if you donate more than 20 dollars.

Every non-profit organization needs your contribution whether it is a big or small contribution. Make sure that you try to help them based on your own capcity. Your small contribution saves the organization.

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