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Do you love writing and live in Canada? You can develop your talent as the writer and get money from your talent. You can get many benefits from What is this? what do you get from this orgaization? Below we will give you information about famous writing organization in Cana

Understand What is is a not-for-profit- national organization which has given the wide programs and services to writer in many backgrounds. These programs and services has aim to develop the writer capability, capacity and skills in writing. By joining this agen judi bola organization, the writer will have wide network or access to be a part of canadian publishing industry. Thus, is suitable for those who categorize as new writers.

The History and The Achievement
Canadian author was established by Pelham Edgar, John Murray Gibbon and Pelham Edgar in 1921 and got support from other foremost authors and writers in Canada. With goals to develop the Canadian authors’ ability, this organization has maintained the idea of protecting the copyrigt legislation which is authorized by Canadian legislation in 1924.

Organized by prominent and exeperienced authors, this organization has reached many achievements since it was established in 1921. Mostly, this organization protects the authors’ work in the eye of the law like originated standard book contract in negotiating with publisher in 1946 and lobbied the legisltion to revise the Universal Copyright Conventional in 1957. Furthermore, this organization also made the awards to appreciate the author works like CAA Literary Award for Fiction and Vicky Metcalf Awards for children’s literature.

The achievemnet is not only about the protecting the athors’ work in law, it also helped the financial matter for indigent author or writers by establishing The Canadian Writer’s Foundation in 1932. is a viable option for those who love writing. Hopefully, this organization can boost the Canadiaan novice authors and writers.

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